Friday, March 26, 2010

Must Haves

Spring has sprung in Texas and summer will be here within a few weeks. This got me thinking about all the things I must have for a Texas spring and those long long summer days.

1. Flip flops
A manicurist's dream, a podiatrist's worst nightmare and a staple of my wardrobe. I love flip flops especially this time of year. You can get them in a color to match every outfit. You can get cheap ones, expensive ones, plain ones and even fancy ones. I love that you just slip them on and your off!


2. Sundress and light skirts
I have one main rule of summer fashion NO JEANS! I can't do it, it's just to dang hot to be wearing yards of denim. These days shorts only seem to come in three sizes short, short and way to damn short. So I stick to sundress and light flowy skirts to get me through a summer. I love that they keep me cool and I can throw them on over a a wet swim suit. If it gets wet it dries in half the time some heavy denim would!

3.Iced Tea
Ahhhh there is nothing quite like a cold glass of iced tea (with lemon) after a looong day of being in the sun. NO, I am not talking about sweet tea that stuff is NASTAY! I think I may have to renounce my Texas citizenship with that last declaration.It was nice being a Texan while it lasted.

4. Sunblock
This is a must if you spend any amount of time out in the sun and you don't want to look like a baseball mitt in your 60s. I love the new spray on sunblocks! Spray all over give a quick rub and you are good to go! It's also easier to spray on kids, that's if you can pin them down long enough before they jump in the water.

5.Great Bag

I love love love this bag I bought last summer from Lands End. It's the perfect size to throw a book, water bottle, snack and camera in for a trip to the park or beach. I used it last summer when I nannied and it held almost everything I need for my self and three little girls.

6. Camera
I love my big fancy Nikon camera and the great pictures it takes. However, it's not the easiest to take with me to dinner out with friends or out to the lake. I want to get a good little point shoot that fits in a pocket or little purse.

7.Hair Ties
I have thick dark hair which can be such a pain during the summer. It's absorbs twice as much heat and it gets sweaty and sticks to the back of my neck! My favorite are the Scunci no damage elastics. I always have a least two on my wrist at all times so I can throw my hair up in to a pony when ever it gets too hot.


This one really needs no explanation. You may look super cute in that sundress but one good whiff and the cutie from the pool is walking the other way. My favorite is Degree Ultra Clear. Although seems to be very clear for me especially if I'm wearing black! Anyone out there have any magic deodorant tricks or tips?

This comes a close second to ice tea for favorite summer time drink. I love a good frozen margarita with salt on the patio of some great restaurant watching the sunset.

10.Good Book
I have a stack a books that I've bought that I just haven't gotten around to reading yet. I'm looking forward to a day on the beach where I can finally tackle my pile. Do you have any suggestions for a good beachy read?

What are some of your must haves for this Spring and Summer ?


Chibi Jeebs said...

Great list! :)

How long do those elastics last? I used to buy the Goody "Ouchless" elastics and they lasted for ages, but they must have changed something because now I only get maybe two uses out of them before they're stretched out. So frustrating!

themaggers said...

@ Chibi
It depends some will last me weeks others a few days. My hair is super thick so it doesn't take much to stretch them out. It also doesn't help that I usually have to wrap them around my pony tail three times to get a good hold.

Molly said...

Yessss, people are like "why dont you wear your hair up?" and I'm like DUDE ITS LIKE 10 LBS and sweaty. my head is a heater.