Saturday, April 11, 2009

Questions and few answers

It's been four days since the world lost Maddie and I find my self sitting here with a thousand question swirling through my mind. Why did this happen to one of the nicest families in the blogosphere? How could a little be girl be ripped from the world much to soon? Why? Why? How can I feel such pain and emotion for a little girl I never met except through an amazing blog? While

I can't find answer for most of these question still I have discovered something amidst all this tragedy. I have stumbled upon an amazing community of strangers and friends. They have surrounded this family with love, friendship and support. I have discovered that I am not the only one that feels this broken feeling in heart and not being able to quite understand that pain they feel. I have watched the donations pour into March of Dimes in honor of Maddie . Over 17,000 dollars raised in a day! People did everything could they could to wrap this family in love. Money for Maddie's service have poured in. Blogs,avatars and twitter pages have gone PURPLE for Maddie. Strangers have turned into quick friends and a little online support system. Every day that I log onto twitter and see all the #maddie tweets my heart soars because I know this little one will not be forgotten she will live on in the hearts of so many. Wow blogosphere you have truly knocked my socks off. I just wish I had dived into this community sooner


ramblings said...

I feel the same. I only knew her through the blog, but that smile and those eyes touched my heart. Her parents were wonderful, and you could tell the love they had for her.It was written all over their faces. I read some where, that babies chose their parents before their even born. I've never been spiritual, but after this tragic incident...I cant help but wonder if that's true.

themaggers said...

It might just be true, Maddie just seemed to fit so perfectly in their family.

Amy said...

I agree. I had been reading/lurking at blogs for almost a year. I read many different ones, including Heather's. I rarely commented, because, really, why would these people want to hear from me? I followed on Twitter and there I talked a little bit with the bloggers I loved, but it was Maddie's passing that really inspired me to enter this great community. I started my own blog and am trying to comment more!

Also - I'm 22 and just moved to Houston from Austin - I went to UT and graduated last May. Small world! :)