Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today was a great day all in all. I had to wake up early to get to an early doctors appointment to get some shots updated. It thankfully didn't take very long it would have been an even shorter visit had I not forgotten something and had to go back and get it. Today when I was picking N and S up from school we saw a car similar to their mom's and lil miss s said "hi momma hi momma" and waving so excitedly it was too cute! It was such a relaxing today with the girls, S had a docs appt so I just had the older girls. We went to a playground close to their house had snacks and played. On the way back to the girls house G kept telling how she wanted to show me something and it was so fun that I just had to see it but she would have to ask her mom. I would ask her what she wanted to show me but she kept telling she would have to wait to ask her mom..... turns out she wanted to show me how to use her netipot. yeah I didn't stay to see that!

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Elizabeth Phillips said...

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