Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Shred!

I've hopped on the shred bandwagon and bought the DVD. Weight loss is not really the goal but some fat burning toning would be wonderful. So I took my little happy self to target and bought the DVD, the hand weights and got to work.

Day 1 March 2nd

DAYUM! I forgot truly out of shape I was, about 15 minutes into the work out I was dying. I was breathing heavily, dripping in sweat, standing on legs that felt more jello like as each minute ticked by. I so badly wanted to turn off the DVD put on some mindless TV and eat the leftover Tiff's Treats that were calling my name from the kitchen. Every time I thought about turning off the DVD Jillian would seem to know what I wanted to do and I swear she'd give me a look saying "don't even think about it and I saw cookie number 6 last night". So I pushed through and finished the 30 minutes of hell and collapsed into a heap on the ground. It felt good though, it's been so long since I've pushed my body to that point and it was great to finish it and still be alive.

Day 2 March 3rd

Holy sore muscles batman! I woke up and I could feel it everywhere! My thighs, my arms and abs all ached and moaned. It felt good though, a pain that you've worked for and will hopefully take you somewhere better. Ok sooooo I had every intention of waking up early and Shreding in the morning since I had plans for the evening. The best laid plans......I hit the snooze button one to many time and woke up with just enough time to get some food in my stomach and get the girls from school. So failing and I'm only at day two *sigh*. I will do this I will make it through 30 days and I will lose some of this flab that has started to settle on my belly. Now does chasing three girls aroud a park, helping them fly kites, running to keep them out of the streets, strapping a struggling two year old and 20 minutes of wii fit make up for my not working out today?! yeah, I didn't think so either......

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Jc Otero said...

You shouldn't look at it as failure but
Rather getting side tracked.

Remember anything ur mind can conceive
U can achieve if u believe